View our fractal and photo art

  • What are fractals?

    The power of mathematics expressed in colors and shapes. Fractals are calculations and equations translated into graphic imagery.
    Add some Photoshop skills and imagination to it, and it becomes Digital Art.

  • Digital photography

    The times of 35mm and negatives are in the past.
    In the 21st century the computer has become the new darkroom.
    Filters and adjustment layers produce wonders on screen and eventually on paper.

  • T shirt design

    We recently entered some design contests with these designs.
    Unfortunately we did not make it to the top.
    We are not giving up hope yet....
    If you have any requests, we are more than happy to come up with ideas.

  • For sale

    All digital art pieces are for sale. They can be printed on any medium, in any size and quantity.
    Just send us a request for an estimate with your specifications and you will receive an answer within 48 hours.

    Custom orders

    Anything you see on this site can also be adjusted and/or altered to suit your needs. Just send us a request for an estimate with your specifications and you will receive an answer within 48 hours.

  • Links
    Photos and Art
    Artist Rising

Images and jewelry drawn by hand

  • Trees of life

    In November 2007 Harold started a project in collaboration with the Department of Radiology and the University of Iowa?s Comprehensive Lung Imaging Center (I-Clic). This project aims to demonstrate the inherent connection between the Oxygen producing real trees (Bonsai trees are used in the display), which are essential for life on this planet, and the airway tree of living beings, which are built to absorb Oxygen from the air around us. Trees and airway trees have similar shape and construction, but have the exact opposite function!Read all about it here!

  • Jewelry ideas

    When designing jewelry for clients, out of inspriration or simply because we enjoy it, the computer is not always the first thing we seek. Hand drawn sketches of ideas and samples have been the best sales technique for years and will be.... for years to come.
    Among these drawing you will find a study in opal and diamonds.

  • Links

    Harold working on a casting job
    The most unusual and exiting city in the Netherlands!
    Harold's hand fabricated pieces!

Extraordinary designs for ordinary people

  • Jewelry by Harold

    Opened its doors on April 1st 2011 and presented its concept to the public by introducing European style in all aspects of the company.Seating, hospitality and design are unique to the Midwest and to the US as a whole. Among these features are the approach to design and participation of the customer.The design of custom or repurposing work at Jewelry by Harold consists of full cooperation by the customer from start to finish. High tech equipment such as CAD-CAM computer software and high resolution screens, milling equipment and finishing techniques, are combined with proven and ancient perfected casting and production methods.

You're free to visit it or go directly to the contact page for an estimate or request.
Enjoy :)

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More information on our studio

Who are we?

Harold and Astrid van Beek

Since 1989, we have been active on the Internet, first in the Netherlands ( and and later in the USA, where we live right now. Harold is a goldsmith, jeweler, diamond grader, clock-maker and designer, with 25+ years of experience.
Astrid is a graphic designer, offset printer, webmaster and translator.(15 and 10 years of experience)
We are always trying to come up with new ideas and new concepts, so keep checking back on this site to see the results!

Designing vs The real thing

  • Dreams turned into reality

    Designing jewelry is all about the CUSTOMER. It can be beautiful or terrible in your eyes, but the customer ultimately decides if you succeeded or flunked. "The proof is in the eating of the cake" or to adjust this into our language: "The proof is in the twinkeling of the customers eye". Click on the JEWELRY BUTTON and see for yourself!

    Matrix / countersketch

    Our digital jewelry designs are done with Matrix, which is a highly developed plug-in for Rhino. By harnessing the power of 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and giving it a jeweler-friendly interface, Matrix lets you design virtual jewelry on-screen while rendering a detailed color preview image. Matrix then outputs all file types compatible with any CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) device, such CNC-mills. This enables us to use all our state of the art equipment and start with an idea, design it and present you with an 3-D image of it and finally, mill it, cast it and deliver one-of-a-kind jewelry to you.

  • As of July 2011 our Studio will feature 'CounterSketch' and we will be able to design virtual, personal and for any customer anywhere in the world!
  • Links

    Information on Matrix
    More information on CounterSketch